Big Brother 2014: 10 Most Shocking Moments

When we say that this year’s Big Brother has been a corker we really are not lying.

In perhaps the most explosive series EVER we have had everything from the most graphic sex to the most malicious rows, as well as  the show’s first ever gay romance. Well, showmance on Mark’s part.

With the grand finale airing tonight we decided to take a trip down memory lane and bring you, in chronological order, the 10 most shocking moments of Big Brother 2014.

Enjoy, and maybe have a sick bucket on hand as we revisit the quote of the series!

 1) Pauline’s Power Trip

Big Brother wasted no time in getting down and dirty with the housemates as viewers voted Pauline as the first power housemate, totally unaware of the truly vile and malicious person that she actually was. When the second batch of housemates turned up on Day Two, Pauline chose to reward fake Mark to get £5,000 and nasty Helen to get a pass to the final.

On the other end of of the spectrum, Pauline chose to punish Jale with that ‘Killer Nomination’ and Matthew (who, by the way, we still think got evicted way too soon), had to spend his first night suspended above the ground in a box – David Blaine style. 

The two weeks that followed saw Pauline only get worse as she formed what would become known as ‘the cool kids’ and actively worked to isolate the likes of Christopher and Jale from the group.

Thank goodness she got evicted in week two because honestly she was too rage-inducing to watch.


2. Helen Targets Jale

Because Pauline told everybody that Jale was bad news when in reality she hadn’t done a single thing wrong, she became the first victim of the cool kids. Helen, the prostitute who slept with Wayne Rooney, showed her nasty side within days of Big Brother launching as she started a scathing personal attack on Jale that was pretty much heartbreaking to watch.

Isolated by much of the group Jale awkwardly hung around on her own whilst Helen and her gang made fun of her well within earshot. It started with ‘Slug’, escalated to ‘Slugsworth’ and a few weeks after that Ash called her a ‘Maggot’. Lovely.

Immediately supported by the public Jale was one of the early favourites, until she ended up shooting herself in the foot by desperately trying to befriend the people who had been so cruel to her, so ended up being the fifth housemate evicted.

3. Hurricane Toya

The thing that was so shocking about the whole ‘Hurricane Toya’ escapade was the fact that Toya literally erupted over absolutely nothing… Winston, Stephen and Ash massively misunderstood part of Toya and Matthew’s power alliance and were calmly confused, yet she hit the roof after vowing that “Hurricane Toya was coming.”


Seemingly eager to make ‘mama didn’t raise no fool’ her catchphrase, Toya kind of disproved that statement when she screamed for ‘EVERYBODY TO CALM THE F*CK DOWN’ when the only person who was in any way screaming, arguing, and getting angry was her.

Literally, the rest of the house were kind of sat in a confused silence until she shouted that, then all hell broke lose and she became the third housemate to be evicted.

4. Helen Targets Matthew And FINALLY Gets A Warning

After four weeks of viewers calling for Helen to get a warning and have her golden ticket to the final removed, producers finally half listened.

This time it was posh Matthew who was her target as she started shouting and personally insulting him, all over a game of bloomin’ truth or dare.

Following him around the house in what was quite both the most childish and the most aggressive behaviour that we saw this year, Helen got right up into his face and personally insulted him by calling him a “p*ssy”, “f**king skinny little prick” and, our personal favourite: 

“Go rip your f**king hairs off your f**king pigeon chest, you f**king skinny, scrawny, pale, plucked, f**king pigeon-chested tw*t.”

Right then.

Matthew presented himself brilliantly throughout the entire rant, not once raising his voice, saying what all of the viewers were thinking, and only stooping closer to her incredibly low level once when he said that she had “saggy t*ts”.

Helen ended up getting her first formal warning due to her frankly disgusting behaviour and she has been a changed woman ever since.

Or she has been edited to look as though she is a changed woman so that producers can claim that she has been on a “journey” whilst justifying their decision to keep her in the house.

You can decide on that one.

5. Queen Ashleigh Emerges

As it happens, it wasn’t just us viewers that were getting sick of Helen’s bully-like behaviour and in week four the girls (Ashleigh) had the power and put the cool kids well and truly in their place in a brilliantly manipulative manner.

The thing that was so shocking about 18-year-old Ashleigh’s emergence as Queen Bee was the fact that for four weeks she really hadn’t done anything but clutch her hot water bottle and look angelic. Even though she is this year’s youngest housemate, the Irish beauty is most definitely one of the smartest and although her plan to get Helen’s bestie Ash evicted in week four massively backfired (Matthew went instead – boo!), she cemented herself as many viewers firm favourite to win.

Let’s wait and see if she does!

 6. Steverly / Controlling Steven / OPEN IT!

The most uncomfortable and all round disturbing relationship in the house was most definitely between Steven and American Playboy bunny Kimberly. What started off as a desperate bid for a showmance soon appeared to turn into something a little bit more sinister as Steven became more and more controlling.

After two weeks Steven was constantly telling an emotionally-stunted Kim how much he loved her and asking whether or not she loved him, before the show had even reached its halfway mark he had already discussed pre-nups, kids, and marriage with her. However, it wasn’t just his obsession that made him really, really uncomfortable to watch… It was the fact that he was so controlling.

Guilt-tripping Kim into cutting up one of her photos because her ex-boyfriend but now-friend was in it. having a go at her for crying because it made him look bad and, perhaps weirdest of all, insisting that he PLUCKED HER EYEBROWS. 

Despite all of that Steverly became the first couple to openly have sex in the house, something that Steven said that he planned on doing before entering, but even more shocking than the actual sex came a few nights before when they were getting hot and heavy under the covers only for Steven to tell Kim to “Open it.”




7. Biannca Gets NAKED

She was in the house for less than a week yet we still managed to see every last inch of her as Biannca repeatedly stripped off and scared poor Winston with her very disturbing propositions.

A picture says a thousand words, so we’re going to leave this one here. 

8. Kim Leaves The House

Week 6 saw four housemates leave the famous house; Marlon in a shock Monday eviction, Danielle in the shock Power Housemate’s eviction, and Biannca in ANOTHER shock eviction of a Power Housemate… And then Kim left due to illness.

We still firmly believe that Kim left the house to get away from controlling Steven, but since he has been evicted the two have been all over the magazines showcasing their love for one another. As we’re not cynics who believe that Big Brother couples only stay together for publicity then it must be true love, right?


Anyways, what really shocked us about Kim’s sudden disappearance was that it came less than a week after she and Steven had sex for the first time and a ‘mystery illness’ was blamed for it. Within a couple of days a beaming Kim was on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side wearing a cushion up her top to laugh off the pregnancy rumours and looking a beacon of good health.

It wasn’t until Steven was evicted that the two revealed the reason behind her sudden departure was an ectopic pregnancy.

And yes, it was apparently Steven’s baby. Less than one week after having intercourse. On BBBOTS mere DAYS after suffering such a trauma, and laughing and joking about pregnancy rumours.

You don’t have to be a doctor to be a little bit suspicious, but that’s all we’re going to say on the matter.

9. The First Ever Gay ‘Romance’

There have been a lot of showmances in Big Brother over the years, but interestingly there hadn’t been a same sex one… Until now that is.

In a weird twist of events loud and proud Mark started to get all smoochy with quiet and reserved Christopher, in a relationship that was always doomed to fail.

With Mark unable to be more hot and cold towards Christopher if he tried, the pair had a couple of kissing-in-bed-and-in-storerooms sessions before Mark was asked by the public why he thought that he could pick Christopher up and drop him again as though he were a toy.

Christopher was angry, Mark was fuming, and then Mark got evicted and that appears to be the end of that.

Ah well, it was exciting while it lasted.

10. Winston Gets Evicted

Finally, the most recent shock of this year’s Big Brother came when the actual winner was evicted in week 9. Okay, well obviously he wasn’t the *actual* winner because he got evicted in week 9 but as well as being the house’s very own Johnny Bravo, Winston was the all round favourite to win and we’re sure that there must have been a gasp in every channel-five-watching living room around the country when Emma Willis announced his name last Friday.

Fellow housemates refused to believe that it was a real eviction and Winston himself admitted that he was surprised to be out because of the positive reaction that he got. 

Now with Winston out of the picture, Pav, Helen, Ashleigh, Chris, Ash and Christopher are the last housemates standing – who will win Big Brother 15?

We will be live tweeting the show tonight from 9pm, so make sure you are following us at @YahooCelebUK to find out!



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