Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood WINS The Show In Shock Live Finale, Twitter Has A Meltdown

The world‘s gone mad!

Viewers were left stunned by the grand finale of Big Brother tonight when the show’s most unpopular housemate, Helen Wood, beat viewer favouites and scooping the winner’s crown and £100,000 prize money.

Beating 18-year-old Irish beauty, Ashleigh Coyle, by just 1.2% in the first all-girl final in Big Brother history, Helen was visibly shocked when host Emma Willis named her as the 2014 winner of the long-running reality show.

The 27-year-old former call girl (the one that had a thing with Wayne Rooney), caused controversy during her time in the house and was even branded a “bully” by viewers due to her aggressive and sometimes plain nasty behaviour.

Speaking to Emma, who looked absolutely beaut btw, Helen admitted that her behaviour was “embarrassing” to look back on and that she needs to learn how to bite her tongue more, saying:

“I can be aggressive, but when I’ve been wound up people probe me constantly and sometimes I take it too hard, I take it too far, but hopefully I’ll stop.

“I had to change, I never in a million years thought that I could win – I thought that the process would be a lot more simple than what it was and I realised that when living with people I couldn’t continue to behave like that. 

“I just couldn’t carry on the way that I was going, I wanted to be there and make friends and I can’t speak to people like that even if they are annoying me.”

Yes Helen, we somehow don’t think that calling people a “fat b*tch”, “f*cking slug”, or “pigeon-chested tw*t” is the right way to handle people annoying you either – well done for finally realising that.

What makes Helen’s win even more surprising is the fact that it is pretty much a cert that if she wasn’t granted a golden ticket to the final on Day 2 of the show then she most probably would have been out to a chorus of boos within the first couple of weeks, with viewers even calling for her to be removed from the house following a string of vicious attacks on her fellow housemates.

As leader of the so-called ‘cool kids’, Helen played a huge role in ostracizing anybody who wasn’t in her gang, starting with Catholic webcam girl (who knew that those words could go together?), Danielle, in Week One, before targeting 33-year-old Jale, calling her a “f*cking slug” and “slugsworth” well within poor Jale’s earshot. 

It wasn’t just the girls that got a taste of Helen’s nasty side though as fellow housemate Matthew Davies also felt her full force in a massively unprovoked attack over a game of truth or dare, in which Helen got right up into Matt’s face, hurling a tirade of abuse including:

“Go rip your f**king hairs off your f**king pigeon chest, you f**king skinny, scrawny, pale, plucked, f**king pigeon-chested tw*t.”

Erm, at least she’s creative?

Helen recieved a formal warning following this particular incident but was still allowed to keep her finalist pass, much to viewer’s dismay.

Following this warning Helen appeared to calm down ever so slightly (she still had HUGE run ins with Ashleigh, Chris and Christopher), but with cynical fans blaming clever editing in an attempt to make Helen look as though she had been on a ‘journey’ (who doesn’t love a good journey?), it is to be decided whether a leopard really can change her spots.  

First runner up, Ashleigh, looked beautiful in her eviction outfit and despite the fact that her and Helen were pretty much arch enemies in the house she insisted that she was “over the moon” for Hels and said that she feels the reason that they clashed so much was probably down to having very similar personalities.

In third place was 23-year-old journalist Christopher, who hit the headlines for being one half, the genuine half some might say, of Big Brother’s first ever gay romance.

Helen’s in-house bestie, Ash, came in fourth after Ashleigh’s bestie, Chris, and newbie, Pav, were revealed to have achieved 5th and 6th place respectively.

Since Helen was announced as this year’s winner, outraged viewers have taken to Twitter to vent their frustration, with some even going so far as to imply that it was a fix:

We could go on but there are quite literally THOUSANDS of them and, well, you kind of get the point. 

Fingers crossed that a more rightful winner is chosen in the next series of Celebrity Big Brother, which starts THIS Monday at 9pm.

And with the likes of Lauren Goodger, White Dee, and Josie Cunningham rumoured to be going into the house it looks like we will be spoilt for choice…

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