Big Brother 2015: Brian Belo: ‘Helen Wood’s Vile Comments Have Really Hurt My Entire Family’

We think that it’s pretty safe to assume that all of us watched last night’s Big Brother in absolute shock and disgust as controversial housemate, Helen Wood, attacked Brian Belo with a barrage of verbal abuse for, well, for no good reason.

Repeatedly telling Brian that he “looked like a murderer and a rapist”, viewers were left fuming when it all got too much for the 27 year old and he left the house via the garden wall.

Desperate times call for desperate measures after all.

Anyways, one person who is even more offended than the majority by Helen’s comments is Brian’s mum, with Brian telling BANG Showbiz: “The first thing that went through my head was, ‘How are my friends and family going to feel,’ more than anything because of a comment like that.

“That’s deep, that goes beyond the TV show, and I don’t want something like that out there. You don’t know where you’re going to be in ten, fifteen, years time and I just hope no one thinks there’s anything real attached to that.

“My mum has been deeply upset by it. It’s really hurt my family.”

Brian, who won the eighth series of the show, went on to share that his mum was his first port of call when he made it out of the house, adding: “I spoke to my mum as soon as I could.

“One of the main things about all of this is that I feel bad for putting my family in that situation where they’ll be upset by someone saying something like that about me on TV.”

Giving us all a serious case of deja vu for last year’s series of the show, Big Brother let Helen off with a simple warning following her vicious verbal attack, despite the fact that, once again, many viewers are demanding that she is axed from the show.

Which, obviously, is a sentiment that Brian wholeheartedly agrees with, saying: “Personally, yes, I think she should have gone.”

You are not alone, Bri, you are definitely not alone.

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