Big Brother Accused Of Fixing And ‘Directly Approaching’ Potential Housemates

Big Brother might not kick off until next month, but the show has already found inself in the centre of fixing accusations. Yikes.

Reports claim that producers ‘ignore’ audition tapes and ‘directly approach’ people they think will be good on the show WITHOUT auditonees knowing.

Big Brother Accused Of Fixing And 'Directly Approaching' Potential Housemates
By MazSight

Well, we couldn’t have a series of Big Brother without some sort of drama, right?

According to The Daily Star, Endemol UK researcher Janette Hodds has been contacting candidates and inviting them to take part.

Meanwhile, thousands of others have sent in audition tapes without knowing producers already have potential housemates in mind.

Big Brother Accused Of Fixing And 'Directly Approaching' Potential Housemates
By MazSight

The paper reports that she has been secretly getting in direct contact with targets, including a male porn star, a sex change soldier, a singer with Tourettes, an OCD cleaner, a Dolly Parton obsessive and a lookalike for Princess Elsa from Frozen.

Singer songwriter Ruth Ojadi, who has Tourettes, told The Daily Star: “They asked me but I said no.

“I was surprised to be honest. I’ve been on TV before on the BBC but this is not for me.”

Dolly Parton fan and fan club runner Joe Skelly, 46, revealed he was: “shocked. I never watch Big Brother and I’d never apply.

“I’m sure the people who really want to audition don’t know about this. It makes the auditions process seem a farce.”

Barry Lewis, who landed a deal with Sainsbury’s after setting up My Virgin Kitchen, was also approached, and explained: “A researcher approached me to go on Big Brother. But I didn’t take things further. It doesn’t interest me.”

Logan Pierce, a porn star, was asked, but his agent has denied that he’ll be taking part.

Hmmm, seems to be a theme emerging here. Might be an idea to actually focus on auditionees who DO want to take part, right?

Hannah Winterbourne (who became the first transgender representative for the Army), Brooklyn Blue (an ‘international porn princess), and Alexandra Jenkins, the Elsa lookalike, were all reportedly approached.

Last night a spokesman for Channel 5 said: “The casting of Big Brother is a confidential process.”

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