Big Brother: Nikki Grahame Among Former Housemates To Enter House On Friday?

So, we don’t want you to get too excited but word on the street is that Nikki Grahame, yes, the Nikki Grahame, is set to return to her Big Brother roots by re-entering the famous house this Friday alongside two other former housemates.


Nikki originally competed in the 2006 series of the show, where she became pretty infamous thanks to her relationship with the eventual winner, Pete Bennett, and her hilarious tantrums.

All together now: WHO IS SHE??

But that’s not all, four years later she took part in Ultimate Big Brother, alongside some of the most famous contestants from the show’s ten year history, and came second to Brian Dowling.

Basically, she has proven that she isn’t shy of revisiting the famous house, and if Channel 5 did ask her to pack her suitcase and come join this year’s contestants as part of a task for the show’s Timebomb theme, then she probs would end up saying ‘yes’.

And according to The Sun, that is exactly what has happened.

Although details of what’s going to go down are currently unknown, it seems as though she and the two other housemates, with one hotly-anticipated to be BB5′s Nadia Almada, will enter a secret lair and go on to shake things up as Big Bro continue to mess with that whole concept of time.

We actually love it.

Although Nik’s lovely little face re-appearing on the show has not been confirmed, she recently hinted that she might be making a comeback, telling FUBAR Radio’s Hot Gossip show: “There is a Timebomb twist but I would hate to be the one that spoiled it.”


We are definitely going to keep our fingers crossed for this one… 

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