Bobbi Kristina Brown ‘Suffered Facial Injuries’ Before She Was Found In Bath Tub

It has been claimed that Bobbi Kristina Brown suffered facial injuries before she was found unresponsive in her bathtub at the end of last month.

It had previously been reported that her body had “suspicious marks” on it when she was hospitalised, but it is now thought that the police are stepping up their investigation after seeing strange marks around her mouth.

The 21-year-old was found by her husband, Nick Gordon, and their friend, Maxwell Lomas, who attempted to perform CPR on her whilst they waited for an ambulance, however it is now being claimed that police are looking into a possible altercation taking place between Bobbi and Nick prior to being found.

Max, who was first to find the star’s body, is believed to have told the police that Nick was acting strangely, but has requested immunity before agreeing to speak to officers again, his attorney, Ashleigh Merchant, said of the day Bobbi’s lifeless body was found: “Nick was actually the one who answered the door for the cable man, and was showing the cable man around.

“Max says that he knocked on Bobbi’s door and he didn’t get an answer, so he went in and checked on her to see how she was doing.

“He’s actually the one that found her, and he called for Nick, screamed for Nick, and then he immediately called 911.

“It seems like it might’ve been ten or fifteen minutes that she must have been alone… But we don’t know at what point she actually ended up in the tub during that time.”

It has since been reported that Nick was jealous of Bobbi, and was confused as to why she was more famous than him as they both grew up as Whitney Houston’s children.

Whitney adopted Nick when he was nine years old and Bobbi was six, but his behaviour towards the family since the megastar’s death has allegedly caused a bit of a rift.

A source revealed: “He didn’t do himself any favours. He was disrespectful.

“Always ‘f’ this, ‘f’ that. Cissy [Whitney's mother] doesn’t stand for swearing in front of her.”

Bobbi and Nick only went public with their controversial relationship after Whitney died in February 2012, it was believed that they had married last January but Bobbi Kristina’s father, Bobby Brown, has since claimed that his daughter has never been wed.

Doctors are still unsure whether Bobbi will wake up from her coma, and have reportedly told her family to prepare for the worst, with the star’s hometown holding a candlelit vigil in her honour last night.

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