Bonnie Langford Divorces Husband Paul Grunert After Twenty Years Of Marriage Before Starting EastEnders Role

50-year-old entertainment legend Bonnie Langford has split from her husband of twenty years, citing “unreasonable behaviour” as her grounds for divorce.

Pretty ominous, eh?

Thankfully this “unreasonable behaviour” hasn’t hindered the duo’s friendship, with a pal of the former child star reassuring us: “Bonnie split from her husband quite some time ago and it is very amicable and they remain good friends.

“Bonnie has not discussed the split publicly as she is an extremely private person who rarely talks about her personal life and she wants it to remain that way for the sake of their daughter.”

Sounds pretty mature as far as celeb break-ups go, doesn’t it?

The actress was granted a “quickie divorce” from hubby Paul Grunert earlier this week, with the timing raising a few eyebrows as it is reported that she is soon to appear on our telly screens as “gobby divorcee” Carmel Kazemi in BBC soap EastEnders.

Bonnie will be playing hunky Kush’s “thoroughly modern” mother and is thought to  have already started filming in the fictional east London town of Walford.

Well, you simply can’t be a Walford resident if you haven’t had your fair share of heartache.

Upon noting the rather coincidental timing of her divorce, a source couldn’t help but quip to The Sun: “This is a massive shock as Bonnie and Paul were viewed as having one of the most stable marriages in showbusiness.

“Her role in EastEnders has not turned out a bit like life imitating art.”

Still, the mum-of-one is super excited for her debut in the show, previously saying: “I am a great fan of the show and think its recent 30th anniversary was sensational.

“It just shows how good British television can be. To be a part of this family is an absolute privilege.”


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