Bradley Cooper SLAMS Taylor Swift Dating Rumours: ‘That’s Complete Horsesh*t’

Let’s get one thing straight, Taylor Swift has never, ever, ever asked Bradley Cooper out on a date. Like, ever.

You got that?

For some weird reason, there has been a persistent rumour circulating the duo for quite some time, with many of those ominous sources and persky insiders claiming that 40-year-old Bradders had caught the eye of 25-year-old Tay, despite the fact that the actor is currently dating model Suki Waterhouse.

However, during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show, Bradley has categorically denied the claim that he refused to meet Taylor for a date because she was “too young”.

Brad said of the goss: “That’s complete horsesh*t. I never got a call – nothing.”

When the radio host pushed further, asking if he would have had an issue with Taylor being so much younger than he is, the actor kept it cool and simply said: “I don’t even know how old she is.”


So, erm, yeah it would have been a tad awkward if he did actually say that the age gap would be a problem…

Howard concluded by telling Bradley that he reckons he and Taylor would make a pretty cute couple, with the star retorting: “You would like to see that? You think me and Taylor?”

“I can tell physically you would make beautiful children together,” adds the host.

And although that is something that we TOTALLY agree with – after all, they are both ruddy gorgeous – we don’t think that they would be any more (or less) beautiful than children off the back of Bradley and girlfriend Suki’s children.

You got that, Howie?

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