Break The Internet: Kim Kardashian Poses For Paper Magazine, And EVERYONE Is Talking About It

Kim Kardashian and Paper magazine set out to ‘break the internet’ on Wednesday, and while they may not have broken the Web they’ve certainly recieved a huge reaction from people.

Mrs Kardashian West has posed for a provocative cover shoot with the US-based magazine in which she flashes her famous rump, and as a consequence the Internet has gone crazy – opinions are divided massiveLY of course.

But, while Kim and the New York based magazine have managed to pull off one of the biggest publicity coups ever, there are some people who haven’t responded positively to the cover, with one of the most high-profile being Chelsea Handler.

Break The Internet: Kim Kardashian Poses For Paper Magazine, And EVERYONE Is Talking About It
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The 39 year-old comedian posted her response to Kim’s cover on MazSight earlier today, and from the comment alongside the pic it appears Chelsea might not be Kim’s biggest fan.

The snap shows the talk show host in a bathroom with her butt firmly out and in plain view, while the caption states: “Can you believe more than 2 ass can fit on the same screen? Guess which one’s real. Your move, Instagram.”

We’re not sure whether Chelsea has called Kim out, or if she wants to take on the whole of MazSight, but at the last count the post has had over 83,000 likes.

We’re going to assume a lot of people are taking Chelsea’s side.

Kim’s rather rear-centric cover shoot has also faced criticism on this side of the pond too, with – you guessed it – Katie Hopkins wading into the fracas.

The rent-a-gob went for a rather restrained ‘your bum is HUGE’ joke, tweeting a picture of Kim with the caption: “Does my bum …………. ? Yes, yes love it does.”

The post lacked her usual ultra-acerbic touch, but then it was only yesterday that she managed to get herself into hot-water by insulting the Palestinian people.

While, of course, thousands of people have been loving the slightly bizarre photos, and Kim has come out on top when it comes down to publicity, that hasn’t stopped some hilarious memes cropping up on Twitter.

So far, they’ve ranged in topic from LOL-tastic current events to pure fantasy humor.

Though our favourite has to be the Boris bike one.

Although undoubtedly this is just the beginning of things, the clear winner here is Kim – who it seems just can’t put a foot wrong at the moment.

But what we really want to know is, how on earth did she balance that champagne glass on her butt??

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