Brianne Delcourt Says Matt Lapinskas Did Cheat On Shona McGarty

She says that he cheated on her and is a ‘seirial love rat’.

Brianna Delcourt has spilled the beans on her failed relationship with Dancing on Ice partner Matt Lapinksas and it’s certainly not pretty.

She also says how he 100% did cheat on his Eastenders ex, Shona McGarty while they were together – she should know because it was with her!

Doing some serious venting to the Sun on Sunday, Brianne said: “Matt has totally betrayed me. He’s been nasty and he’s life, when all I’ve done for the last two years is try to help and protect him”.

Brianne says he originally approached her when they were partnered on Dancing on Ice while he was still dating Shona however, despite warning she fell for his advances.

“He pursued me behind Shona’s back. He was always very flirty with me, telling me he wasn’t happy and that he didn’t love her. I shouldn’t have let myself go there.

“Lots of people warned me away, but I didn’t listen to them.

“I’ve stood by him and lied for him about when we got together as I loved him and didn’t want to hurt Shona”.

The pair, both 25, met in late 2012 ahead of the eighth series of ITV’s skating show in January 2013 and after just five months had moved in together.

Brianne Delcourt Says Matt Lapinskas Did Cheat On Shona McGarty
By MazSight

Brianne’s story comes following the release of pictures of a shirtless Matt waving goodbye to his theatre costar Camilla Rowland earlier this week.

“He said he wanted to marry me and have kids. But a month later he is caught half-dressed at our house with another girl.

“That’s the real Matt, and it’s just shameful. How could he do this to me? If he had been honest and said he had met someone I might have been able to forgive him.”

It’s believed Matt spent four nights with her while Brianne was off away visiting family.

Matt has since said that he and Brianne had split up when the snaps were taken – claims she strongly denies.

Cor, no wonder she sounds so livid!

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