BRIT Awards 2015: Kanye West Stands On Table In London Nandos Ahead Of Performance

So picture this, you’re queuing for your standard Nandos, dreaming of peri peri chicken and chips, when lo and behold Kanye West walks in and… Erm… Stands on the counter??

Yep, literally hours before he is due to go on stage at tonight’s BRIT Awards, Yeezy decided that he fancied some food from Britain’s finest restaurant, and rather than get one of his ‘people’ to nip out and hand deliver the dish to his dressing room, he decided that he’ll just pop in and buy it himself.

Word on the street is that the rapper was standing in the queue and acting totally normal before he decided to jump on the table, but why?

Was he making an inspirational speech?

Or was he throwing a strop because his food was taking too ruddy long for his liking?

Well actually, it was to try and get one mass selfie with all of his fans so he could get on with his bloomin’ dinner, which also explains why EVERYBODY’S camera phones are facing the wrong way in the pictures.

All the lucky peeps who just so happened to be in the same branch as the massive star soon took to Twitter to share their blurred pics and version of events:

Josh Feldman

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