Britain’s Got Talent 2015: Amanda Holden Pours Water Over Stephen Mulhern In Bizarre Outburst

Last night’s Britain’s Got Talent was all a little bit weird, wasn’t it? We found ourselves getting unreasonably excited by a dog’s attempt to burst 100 balloons live on telly, singing along to a pretty catchy tune about space, and even got a glimpse at a load of older ladies in their undercrackers.

It really was the show that had it all.

Still, if you thought that all the fun stopped when the clock struck 10pm last night then you are sorely mistaken, with the show’s ITV2 counterpart, Britain’s Got More Talent, showcasing fireworks when Amanda Holden took offence to one of Stephen Mulhern’s jokes and threw not one but four glasses of water over his head, wrecking his microphone in the process.

What ever happened to health and safety, eh Amanda?

It all started when the TV presenter shared a rather unflattering photo of what Amands might look like in twenty years, with the judge wasting no time in chasing Stephen around the studio with the lethal water, also spanking his bottom and sticking two fingers up in the process.


Viewers were left with a slightly mixed reaction to the outburst, with some branding Amanda “unprofessional” and “aggressive”, whereas others admitted that they actually found the whole thing pretty ruddy hilarious:

Gabe Bergado

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