Britain’s Got Talent 2015: Magician Jamie Raven: ‘Sadly, I’m Not Magical’ – EXCLUSIVE

Britain’s Got Talent is the only reality talent competition to absolutely guarantee that we will be seeing some weird, wonderful, and downright mind-blowing performances on a weekly, or even nightly basis.

This week alone we have seen everything from a man wobbling on a ladder and juggling knives to a nine-year-old girl scaring the living daylights out of the nation with her love of the martial arts.

And Wednesday night’s episode of the show was no exception, as the nation watched with their jaws dropped to the floor whilst magician Jamie Raven conjured up a helicopter seemingly out of thin air.


However, things took a turn for the awkward when Simon Cowell requested that the audience member who wrote down ‘helicopter’ as the random item to be conjured up came forward and nobody appeared to take the glory, but that didn’t stop Jamie from securing a spot in tonight’s live final.

When we caught up with the lovely up and coming star, we simply had to ask him about that moment with Simon, and Jamie had a very reasonable explanation for it all.

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo Celebrity, he told us: “Singers sing and dancers dance; magicians are trying to create a thought amongst people and that’s what I do.

“I’m not actually trying to claim anything, if you believe in magic that’s cool with me but if you don’t that cool too, I’m just trying to create a live environment and a performance.

“Sadly, I’m not actually magical. I don’t have magical powers. It’s a vehicle that I’m using to entertain people and people will think whatever they want to think, I’m not going to tell anybody what I did but everyone is entitled to an opinion.

“That’s what magic is, you’re pretending to have magical powers. It’s an act that I use to entertain people. If you watch David Copperfield in Vegas, he flies. And you watch and go, ‘How is he flying? He can’t really fly.’

“But you can’t see how he is doing it so you think, ‘Maybe he can fly’, that’s what being a magician is.

“And that’s why magic is so good, you give somebody something and they try to work it out afterwards, you try and make people think.”

We couldn’t have said it ourselves, babes.

Despite getting the most amount of public votes and sweeping his way into the grand finale, Jamie admits that it is a struggle to find the balance when performing to both a live audience and the viewers at home.

He tells us: “In a live theatre environment it’s easier than when there’s TV crews involved. I’m just trying to strike a balance with the live and the people watching at home.

“I do have contingency plans in place in case things don’t go the way it is planned and I’ve not had to use any so far, but you always think of ways to get out of something if it does go wrong.

“Sometimes you do something and it won’t be as good as it could have been but hopefully it won’t go completely.”

Eek, as much as Simon Cowell would probably love to have a live TV disaster, we are going to go ahead and hope that everything goes to plan for Jamie’s big performance tonight, which, by the way, he has promised will be a routine that people have never seen before.

Needless to say, we are SUPER excited.

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