Britain’s Got Talent 2015: Old Men Grooving: ‘Simon Cowell Is Finally Pushing Variety This Year’ – EXCLUSIVE

We have to admit, last night’s Britain’s Got Talent felt all kinds of refreshing when the viewing public and the judges opted to send a performing dog and five dancing dads through to Sunday night’s final instead of the usual singing and super cool street-dancing acts that usually make the cut.

After all, a bit of variety in a variety show is never exactly a bad thing, is it?

And it seems as though we aren’t the only ones to be enjoying this new set-up, with last night’s second finalists, Old Men Grooving, exclusively telling us that 2015 is finally the year for variety on BGT – and it’s all thanks to Simon Cowell.

Speaking to the men who Simon and David Walliams opted to send through to the final over a gospel singing group, they told us: “Variety is a trend that will happen in this year’s BGT; Simon and the team are pushing the variety side, which can only be good.

“In Britain, at the end of our era that kind of entertainment disappeared – people like Bruce Forsyth and classic entertainers, it all stopped and BGT is bringing it back.

“It’s Saturday night entertainment, it’s panto, it’s fun, and anybody who wins deserves their place at the Royal Variety Show.”

Nicely put, lads, nicely put.

Despite believing that the tide is changing for BGT finalists, Old Men Grooving admitted to us that they didn’t believe that they had any chance of going through following their semi-final performance.

They explained: “When we were down to the last two we thought that David Walliams might go for us, but the two girls would go for them.

“I looked down and it was God himself left to make the decision, and he had already told us that he wasn’t happy with the ending of our performance so when he changed his mind and said he was going for the audience’s reaction we couldn’t believe it.”

And how do the group plan on upping their moves for the big final in a bid to keep ‘God’ Simon happy?

“We have some surprises and are quietly confident that we are going to bring the house down and make everybody that watches the show smile,” they tell us, “Hopefully we have the same reaction with the audience, we would love that experience again.”

Well, something tells us that they have absolutely nothing to worry about on that front.

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