Britain’s Got Talent Defend Henry Gallagher After Editing Glitch Sparks Controversy

If you watched Britain’s Got Talent this weekend, you will have seen adorable 12-year-old Henry Gallagher, who took to the stage to perform a song he wrote himself about a girl he’s got a crush on.

But while the judges were busy showering him with praise (yes, we did also notice the pound signs in Simon Cowell‘s eyes) and we were busy drying our eyes because ADORABLE, other viewers had noticed an editing glitch that put a downer on Henry’s awesome song.

Well, it wouldn’t be BGT without SOME form of controversy, right?

Britain's Got Talent Defend Henry Gallagher After Editing Glitch Sparks Controversy
By MazSight

Henry took to the stage on Saturday night’s show to perform ‘Lightning’, an adorable and actually pretty ruddy fantastic song about a girl in school that he’s taken quite the shine to.

Although he refused to reveal who his mystery lady was, his performance still had us ‘aww’-ing all over the place and made us hope, pray and wish that this mystery gal will declare her love for Henry so that they can live happily ever after.

However, some eagle-eyed viewers whose eyes clearly weren’t clouded by tears like us noticed that partway through his performance, his guitar capo appeared to shift to a new position.


Britain's Got Talent Defend Henry Gallagher After Editing Glitch Sparks Controversy
By MazSight

Cue fakery claims and viewers wondering whether Henry got an unfair advantage and was allowed to perform his song twice.

One wrote on Twitter: “Not only can Henry sing, he’s got some serious magical powers, moving the capo mid way through his act. #BGT #continuity #taketwo?”

Another added: “@BGT so how come the young lad Henry started off with the Capo on 9th fret on guitar and ended on the 1st. It’s called dubbing, deceiving.”

One said: “Henry’s cap moved 8th fret to 1st fret by the end of the song? There was key change. If he did it was slick.”

However, a spokeswoman for the show has been quick to rubbish the claims, saying it was all an editing glitch and that Henry did NOT perform more than once.

They told Mirror TV: “Henry performed his song only once during his audition and sang and played his guitar live, moving the capo mid song.

“As with all performances Henry’s act went through normal editing procedures hence the capo appearing to move.”

There’s loads that goes on during filming that we don’t get to see, so let’s just let Henry enjoy his moment, yeah?

In happier news, it sounds like he MIGHT be edging closer to asking his gal pal out.

He said: “It’s only my mum who knows who she is. She has told me to ask her out. Before I was like, ‘No Way! and now I’m like ‘Maybe!’

“Hopefully I will have the girl by Tuesday. Fingers crossed.”

Good luck, Henry!

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