Britain’s Got Talent Winner Jules O’Dwyer Defends Using Two Dogs: ‘I’m Not Going To Overwork Matisse’

To be honest, we’re still struggling to process the amount of dramz that has come off the back of more than one dog performing in Jules O’Dwyer and Matisse’s winning Britain’s Got Talent performance, but as the outrage rumbles on both Jules and BGT bosses have come forward to defend her decision.


Justifying her decision to use a stunt dog that she had trained for the tightrope section of her and Matisse’s performance, Jules explained: “I’m creating a story, it’s the magic of the whole act.

“It’s not that we were trying to mislead people, we were trying to entertain.”

To be fair, the fact that she went on to national telly the very next day and introduced the world to Chase, the doggy stunt double, kinda implies that she wasn’t trying to keep a secret, no?

Jules added: “Matisse can do all those things, I chose not to do that on the night because i chose to split the act up so as not to over-work my dogs, so every dog can take a role.”

Producers for the show have also released a statement defending Chase’s appearance in the routine, saying: “The audience had previously seen from Jules’ semi-final routine that she works with a second dog, Chase, alongside Matisse.

“For the final performace, as Jules has said publicly herself, Chase completed the tightrope section of the act.”

You can almost hear the sassy #NoBiggie at the end of that, can’t ya?

ITV’s cool and collected response contradicts the mysterious insider who has come forward to claim that big boss Simon Cowell is absolutely FUMING about the entire debacle, despite the fact that he has kept incredibly schtum in public.

Hmm, something tells us that this particular source might just have been telling porkies…

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