Britain’s Got Talent’s Connie Talbot, Who Sang ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’, Is All Grown Up

Every so often the concept of time proves all too much for some people to handle, with the Internet currently having a mini-meltdown over the fact that six-year-old Connie Talbot, who wowed the nation when she auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent back in 2007, is now… Erm… Older.

Eight years older to be precise.

Time will do that to a child, guys.

The now-fourteen-year-old impressed the BGT judges when she gave an adorable performance of ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’, and ended up making it to the show’s final, although unfortunately she didn’t nab the opportunity to sing in front of the Queen.

Eight years later and Connie is still singing her little heart out after becoming an online sensation, with more than 148 million people watching the Birmingham schoolgirl’s original audition on YouTube.

Pretty impressive, you have to admit.

She released an album of cute cover songs later on that same year, and it sold 250,000 copies in the UK but did even better overseas as she stole the hearts of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Korea.

In 2010 Connie also performed on chinese government television to around 400 million people, she then entertained world leaders at a concert that opened the G20 world summit in Seoul.

In that time the child prodigy also released three more albums – Connie Talbot’s Christmas Album, Holiday Magic, and Beautiful World.

Connie’s next album is due to be released this September, and although she still has that powerful singing voice her sound is going to be a whole lot more grown up.

The teenager told Birmingham Mail: “Since the first Britain’s Got Talent, I’ve taught myself to play piano and guitar.“I’ve written most of the songs myself this time around. That’s been a great experience.”

Connie also jetted off to the US for a time, where she worked with songwriter Toby Gad, who has previously written hit tracks for none other than Beyonce, Nicole Scherzinger and Jessie J.

“Going to America and songwriting was amazing,” Connie added, “It was an honour being around people like Toby who write, and learning from them.”

The rising star is managed by her mum and dad, Sharon and Gavin, which is probably just one of the reasons why she is so adamant that her education comes first, telling the local paper: “I’m keeping my head down and doing all my schoolwork at the moment.

“But I have a busy Summer break. I’ll be traveling to Asia in August, appearing on Chinese television, and releasing the new record.”

Erm, way to blow her friends’ trip to an all-inclusive in Spain out of the water, eh?

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