Britain’s Got Talent’s Ella Shaw: ‘I Didn’t Go On X Factor Because I Want To Be Original’ – EXCLUSIVE

Every year on Britain’s Got Talent you have a whole load of talented singers being slammed by the viewing public for taking over a variety show when they could ruddy well go on X Factor, and even though Simon Cowell exclusively revealed to us that there were much fewer singing acts this time around, a fair few have slipped through the net.

One of those is eighteen-year-old Ella Shaw but, in her defence, there is a lot more to Ella than just a good voice as she managed to wow the judges and get four prestigious ‘yeses’ thanks to her pitch-perfect rendition of original song ‘Summertime’.

Oh, and did we mention that she played the piano too? She’s basically an all rounder.

Talking exclusively to Yahoo Celebrity after her audition aired on Saturday night, Ella revealed her very good reason for opting to showcase her gift on BGT rather than The X Factor, telling us: “I have a little bit more to give.

“You can’t sing your own songs on X Factor and I knew when I was auditioning I wanted to sing my own songs and show that I am a little different.

“I hope it gives me an advantage and a little bit of an edge compared to the other musicians on the show, I love writing my own stuff and I wanted to get that out there and I hope people love it as much as I love writing it.”

You bloomin’ bet that we did, babes.

And true to BGT form, it was obvi music mogul and living legend Simon Cowell that El was most desperate to impress, telling us: “Simon has done so much and has so many singer songwriters already that it was just that hope of being able to prove myself.

“He is such an admired person and so many people want to be able to sing to him, so even to have that opportunity and show him my song was amazing, but really scary.”

Speaking how she got into the whole Taylor-Swift-esque writing side of things, Ella dished: “I turned to writing when I didn’t know what to do with myself.

“Whether I was sad or happy or angry, I just channelled it into the music.

“The people around me, supporting me, always inspires me to write – just life around me, good and bad things.

“I’m sure this BGT experience will also be turned into a mega song at the end!”

And how does the teen aim to up her game if she is lucky enough to make it through to the live semi finals?

“I might mix it up if I get through to the lives,” she tells us, “My audition wasn’t the best it could be, if I get through to the lives hopefully I can show people that I have more to offer.

“I might change it up, Simon did like me at the piano so I will probably go back to that.”

Needless to say, we seriously can’t wait to see what Ella pulls out of the bag next!

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