Britain’s Got Talent’s Krystyna Lennon And Hypnodog: ‘I Thought We’d Killed Simon Cowell’ – EXCLUSIVE

Krystyna Lennon and her dog Princess, aka ‘Hypnodog‘, may have received the viewers’ seal of approval after her Britain’s Got Talent audition aired on Saturday night, but there was a time that Krystyna feared that she could have actually ended up with a hefty lawsuit instead of a shot at performing for the royal family.


Well, she kind of worried that she MIGHT have killed Simon Cowell.

No, really.

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo Celebrity UK, the human half of the amaze hypnosis act revealed that once the cameras stopped rolling, the music mogul collapsed on set and producers had to track her down.

Krystyna tells us: “A fair bit of my audition wasn’t shown, what’s taking over the whole thing is what people wanted to see and that is Simon Cowell being hypnotised, so they couldn’t make the whole show about me.

“Obviously everybody is sceptical unless they see it for themselves, so when Simon said he was getting up I was worried… But I was more worried when I went backstage and the producer came up to me and said ‘Oh my God, Simon has collapsed – you need to go back out’.

“I just thought ‘Oh my God, I’ve killed Simon, where is the nearest exit. I thought there was a lawsuit.

“But when I realised he had just gone under it was fine, but I thought he’d had a heart attack and they were going to blame it on me!”


If ONLY the cameras hadn’t stopped rolling, we bet that would have been bloomin’ TV gold.

Krystyna also told us that there were some naughty bits that were cut from the final show after she had convinced the audience members taking part in her act that hosts Ant and Dec were standing there butt naked.

She explains: “Some of the people that were on stage on that Saturday when we filmed, they couldn’t remember being hypnotised.

“One of them tweeted afterwards that he was really sorry for saying to Ant and Dec that they had a small willy, he couldn’t remember doing it – somebody had to tell him!

“It is different for everybody, I just remove the suggestion so I sent them off backstage but what you didn’t see was them going crazy backstage for Ant and Dec being naked.

“They were saying, ‘Oh this is disgusting, you need to put some clothes on’. This was a suggestion you didn’t see, I forgot to remove it and that was my mistake.

“I had to go backstage and remove the suggestion afterwards.”

Ooer – Whatever happened to BGT being wholesome family viewing, eh?

Obviously, with every unbelievable act on the hit reality show there are a fair few cynics who take to social media to brand the entire thing a ‘fake’, and if you’re wondering, Krystyna and Princess are more than happy to prove you wrong.

Speaking on behalf of the both of them, Krystyna says: “Hypnosis is really difficult to portray on TV so the only way is live.

“If you don’t believe, come to a show and get up on stage and let it happen to yourself or one of your friends and you will believe.

“The only thing I can say is haters are gonna hate, come to a show and you can see how the whole process works.

“People always turn up a cynic and then they leave going ‘wow’.”

And for those other haterz who reckon it’s bang out of order to have a dog as part of a variety act? “Princess loves the show,” Krystyna tells us, “It’s more cruel to leave her at home because she likes to be with us wherever we go.

“It’s not like she’s dancing or pulling a cart, she’s not really working for her sausages – she’s just sat there and looking at people. That’s all.”

You tell ‘em, babes, and tbh it sounds to us like Princess has a pretty good thing going…

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