Britain’s Got Talent’s Misstasia: ‘Kate And William Need To Let Princess Charlotte Be Herself’ – EXCLUSIVE

It seems as though Misstasia’s Britain’s Got Talent audition being aired to the pubic couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time.

The four girls, who pride themselves on being real life Disney princesses, were shown to wow the judges with their super happy medley of Disney songs on Saturday night, just hours after the nation had welcomed another royal baby to the mix; a real life princess named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.


Obviously when we heard that Georgie, Katie, Enola and Rosie were in the area, we just had to nab them for an exclusive chat in the hope of bottling up some of that infectious happiness whilst getting some top tips for Prince William and Kate on how to raise a princess, and, well, apparently it really is quite simple.

Flame-haired Katie advises the second-time parents: “Just let her be herself and follow her dreams and be whoever she wants to be, it’s not just about looking like a princess – you don’t have to be girly.

“Just look at Brave and Mulan, the point is you can just be who you want to be, it’s about how you grow and dream.”

Enola adds: “You can be whoever you want to be and if it makes you happy go for it.”

Pretty sound advice all round, we think that you would all agree.

And it isn’t just the royal family who Misstasia have all sussed out, with the lovable singers also going on to share that they reckon Simon Cowell is a secret Disney superfan.

The girls explain: “We were all shocked that we got such a good reaction, we always hoped Amanda Holden would love it, which she did, but deep down we were wondering what Simon would think of us and his response was amazing.

“I read somewhere that he was watching Disney films with his son, Eric, so maybe he loves Disney just as much as us!”

And do y’know what? We wouldn’t be entirely surprised if he did…

In fact, we reckon if we were a fly on the wall in Case de Cowell we would definitely get a sneaky peak of Si doing his best Elsa impression in his bedroom mirror….

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