Britney Spears Calls A Hater A ‘F*cking A**hole’ While Live On Stage – WATCH

Britney Spears has proven yet again that she is pretty ruddy awesome after calling out a hater in the audience of her Vegas show for calling her “a fat b*tch”.

Like, we don’t know why you would shell out serious dolla for a Britney show just to body-shame the leading lady… But then again, we don’t understand body-shaming full stop.

It basically all kicked off when the 33-year-old superstar was nearing the end of her ‘Piece Of Me’ show at her Planet Hollywood Las Vegas residency earlier this week and she excitedly asked the crowed if they wanted “one more song”.

Obvi the majority of her fans cheered in agreement, but as she turned her back on the audience somebody to the side of the stage started to heckle the star, repeatedly calling her a “fat b*tch”.


Unfortunately the poor singer heard the jibes, but fortunately she was able to take them in her stride as she muttered into her microphone: “F*cking a**holes” while preparing for the big final number.

Take that, haterz.

Although the nasty heckler’s comments aren’t totally clear in the video of the incident, fans who were also at the concert – which costs $200 a ticket – have come forward to confirm that there was at  least one member of the audience who was shouting insults at Britters all night.

Thankfully it seems as though it was the mum-of-two who got the last laugh as she went on to finish her show-stopping gig like a true professional whilst the publicly humiliated meanie no doubt faced the glaring side-eye of every Britney fan within a ten foot radius.

You go, Britney – you definitely showed the haters who’s boss.

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