Britney Spears Wants To See Kate Middleton In Her Underwear, Slow Down Brit You’ve Not Even Met Her

So the range is fit for royalty then?

Britney Spears has some rather high hopes when it comes to who she wants to model her new lingerie collection, Intimate, revealing at the London launch for the brand last night that she would love to see Kate Middleton in her pants. 

Speaking at perhaps the shortest press conference of all time (no really, it lasted just two minutes), Brit revealed: “I would love to see Kate in my underwear designs.

“That would be splendid. I’m going to send her one of every piece so she’ll have plenty to choose from.”

Lucky Prince William.

Although we don’t want to ask how Britney knows the Duchess of Cambridge’s bra size.

But who knows, maybe her desire to see the Duchess in her knick-knacks was just a result of the popstar’s utter excitement at being back in London.

The 32-year-old took to her MazSight page straight after the launch to share how much she loves the capital, sharing a photo of herself and her mum alongside the caption: “Goodnight London! Absolutely love this city… and being able to share it with my mom :)”

Imagine how much she would love it if Kate actually sent her some selfies privately modeling the lingerie?

But as great as that would be we somehow still doubt that it will happen.

Soz Brit. 

The star didn’t just have royalty in mind when it came to dream buyers either, also sharing that she would love to see Gwen Stefani model her collection because “She’s very cool and sexy.”

Who can argue with that?

The final nugget of information that Britters managed to share with us in her two minute time slot was that her personal fave of the entire vintage-themed range is the red underwear set, saying: “The sexiest item is the cherry red because it stands out, it’s very elaborate, and it’s pretty promiscuous.”

How very raunchy.

We wonder if the mum-of-two will be using her personal underwear collection as a tool of seduction after recently coming back on the market having split with cheating love rat David Lucado.

The pretty grim story alleges that David not only cheated on the ultimate Queen of Pop (is he mad??) but he cheated with a PORN STAR (yep, deffo mad.)

As in, an actual adult movie star who goes by the name of Cali Lee and has even filmed with one of the biggest stars in the business, Ron Jeremy.

Which we’re guessing means that she is kind of a big deal?

We’re not too up to speed with the adult entertainment industry if we’re being honest.

Earlier this year it was rumoured that there was video evidence of David getting up close and personal with a mystery woman behind Britney’s back, and that woman has turned out to be 24-year-old Latina Cali.

However, reports say that Britney’s dad, Jamie, bought the tape off the media for a substantial amount of money so that he could show it to her but also ensure that the video never went public and caused the 32-year-old any embarrassment.

Brit appeared to dump the love rat pretty sharpish after 18 months together, taking to her Twitter page to confirm the news, simply tweeting: “Ahhhh the single life!” 

She also posted yet another classic video to her MazSight page in light of the couple’s split, in it the popstar says to the camera: “Okay, if you ever have a really, really sh*tty day find someone with shoes with hearts on them.”

The camera then pans to an unknown girl, who very much does have hearts on her shoes, before Britney turns the camera back to her and says: “Made my day!”

They do say it’s the little things in life.

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