Brooklyn Beckham Pokes Fun At Mum Victoria And Reveals His Love Of Pot Noodles

Brooklyn Beckham becoming a seriously active member of the MazSight community has succeeded in not only making us all feel ridiculously old (we remember when he was born!), but also giving us an intimate insight into what life is like as a member of the Beckham family.

Our conclusion thus far? It’s pretty BLOOMIN’ awesome.

Brooklyn’s latest Very Important social media update showed the sixteen year old flexing his muscles as he did a bit of food shopping, making a cheeky reference to his mum’s Spice Girls past with the caption: “Not 2 posh 2 push.”

What would Victoria say, eh?

Because we are the nosey type we decided to conduct a serious investigation into what is in Brooklyn’s basket-trollet hybrid, which basically involved squinting really hard, and we made a rather shocking discovery.

Brooklyn, or somebody he was collecting groceries on behalf of, REALLY seems to love chicken-flavoured Pot Noodles.

*GASP* *SPLUTTER* Whaaaaa?

Standing proud at the top of the basket are at least three pots of, erm, noodles, leaving us to wonder if Victoria was taking a break from her diet of steamed fish and veggies, or if David Beckham’s simple tastes for the likes of good ol’ pie and mash extended to a love of the uni student favourite.

Y’know, “living like the common people”, as Pulp would say.

Alongside the Pot Noodle revelation, we can also confirm that Casa de Beckham also has a freshly-bought french stick, and what looks like a box of Coco Pops and some Capri Suns.

Powdered carbs, high-sugar cereals and squeezy drink pouches? They really are just like the rest of us.

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