Brooklyn Beckham Shares New Year’s Photos With David And Victoria In The Maldives

Brooklyn Beckham signing up to MazSight is legit one of our fave things to have happened in 2014.

First of all, we were given a sneaky insight into Elton John and David Furnish’s Wedding (even learning that he refers to them both as ‘uncles’ – SQUEAL), and now we get to see how the notoriously private Beckham clan spent New Year’s Eve.

Just a few days later, well, he probably had to get upload approval from mummy Victoria, fifteen-year-old Brooklyn took to the app earlier today to share pictures from what he called a: “Great new year party with family and friends [sic]“.

A man of few words, just like his pops.

First up was a snazzy little collage of Brooklyn giving his famous ‘rents a cuddle, with it being hard to ignore the fact that Victoria’s side of the pic is more than double that of David’s.

Casual favourtism, eh Brooks?

The next pic was just of the teen, who had clearly worked up a sweat as he no doubt danced in the New Year under the Maldive palm trees, keeping things casual and kinda Harry Styles in an oversized white T-Shirt.

Well, with the Beckhams as your parents you couldn’t exactly be anything but super-trendy, could you?

Over Christmas, Brooklyn also shared some details of how his family were celebrating as he revealed that Beckham bezzie, Gordon Ramsey, was doing the cooking before sharing another photo of a bottle of whisky, captioned: “My dad’s Christmas whisky.”

Who even knew that David had a special Christmas whisky?

This Insta is literally the gift that keeps on giving.

Keep up the good work, Brooklyn – we bloomin’ love getting an insight into House Beckham’s family life.

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