Bruce Jenner Apparently Told Kids About His Transition LAST YEAR – ‘About Bruce’ Was ALL Scripted

Bruce Jenner stands accused of staging a television episode where he tells his children and step-children that he is transgender, with new sources coming forward to claim that Kendall, Kylie and co. were actually told about his transition LAST YEAR.

Hang on a minute, you mean everything that we see on TV isn’t real?!

The 65 year old’s revelation to his family is set to be aired in a Keeping Up With The Kardashians special ‘About Bruce’ this weekend, but it has now been said that the actual admission came last summer, without a camera in sight.

Which, to be fair, is totes understandable considering it’s such a private and complicated time for the family, don’tcha think?

A source told RadarOnline: “The idea that this was the first time Bruce told the family is ridiculous, and no one should fall for it.

“It was choreographed down to the minute by producers, and was only filmed two months ago.”

And, true to form, Kris Jenner was also said to have a massive say in how the news was “presented to the kids” in front of the cameras, with the source adding: “Kris was heavily involved in how it was presented to the kids — even though Bruce had told the kids last summer, almost nine months before it was filmed.”

Following last week’s episode of KUWTK we were treated to a sneaky peek at how Bruce’s family reacted to the news in the show, with his seventeen-year-old daughter Kylie saying that she wants to meet his female self whenever Bruce feels ready.

Meanwhile, Kendall tells her beloved dad that she is scared that she is going to lose him, to which the former Olympian responds: “I’m not going anywhere”.

Bruce is also seen to admit how difficult telling his children about his upcoming transition was, saying: “I don’t think I’ve ever been as scared in my life as I was to be extraordinarily honest with my kids.”

It’s safe to say that whether Bruce told his family last year or two months ago, we are just glad that the massive weight has finally been lifted from his shoulders.

**At the time of publishing, Bruce has requested to not be referred to by a female name or female pronouns.**

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