Bruce Jenner Shows Off Feminine New Hairstyle At Elton John Concert In Hollywood

Looking good, Bruce.

Bruce Jenner made quite an entrance when he turned up at an Elton John concert last night, debuting his luscious new hairdo.

The Olympic champion was sporting an undeniably feminine new look as he let his glossy, much longer hair down at the gig, seemingly totally unbothered by his divorce from Kris Jenner, which was made official just two weeks ago.

64-year-old Bruce has six children, including Kylie and Kendall Jenner, and he is also stepdad to the Kardashian clan.

It’s clear to see that spending all that time with the most well-groomed family in showbiz has rubbed off on Brucey – his hair maintenance totally on point, there’s not one strand out of place.

We must find out what conditioner he uses.

Bruce and Kris seperated over a year ago but only recently filed for divorce, citing  ‘irreconcilable differences’ as the reason behind the split, and they are set  to have joint custody of their two daughters.

However, despite the break up clearly being amicable, it looked as though their children might be taking it a little bit hard, with Kendall taking to MazSight to share a throwback photo of her parents in happier times, and Kylie posting a cryptic quote about emptiness and insecurities the day the divorce went public.

Aww, chin up girls.

Following the split, Bruce – who moved from the family home in Calabasas, california to Malibu – is reported to have drastically transformed his image by growing out his hair and is even thought to have had his Adam’s apple reduced, sparking rumours that he plans to undergo a sex change operation. 

He was recently papped with the underwire of what looks like a bra showing through his top, adding even more fuel to the sex change rumours, and now that he has his slightly more feminine hairstyle it’s making us wonder if maybe there is something to them after all.

Either way, as long as Bruce is happy we’re rooting for him.

In the meantime, we bet he has given Kendall and Kylie some serious hair envy. 

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