Bruce Jenner’s ‘Sex Change Interview’ With Diane Sawyer Will Be A ‘Farewell To Bruce’

It has been reported that Bruce Jenner’s upcoming tell-all interview with Diane Sawyer will serve as a “farewell” to the reality star’s male persona, with ‘Bruce Jenner’ as we know him being put to rest for good following his appearance on the show.

Sources close to the 65-year-old have told TMZ that the two-hour interview will cover every aspect of Bruce’s transition into womanhood, focusing on his mental state and his journey.

The gossip site claim that although the former Olympian will not be revealing his new name or “dress like a woman” on camera, Bruce sees the interview where he tells the world about his upcoming sex change as the most significant event associated with it.

It is thought that the star will recount his life from the age of five, when he first realised that he identified as a woman, and detail the emotional turmoil of living as a man but not “feeling like one”, with the father-of-six also revealing the impact that his decision to have a sex change has had on his famous family.

Apparently Bruce also explains his reasons for filming such a high-profile interview about his personal life, bravely sharing that he wants to both “free himself and educate the public”, so that others in his position don’t have to go through the pain that he did.

TMZ’s sources claim that the “most compelling moments” in the show, which is set to air on ABC on April 24th, are when Bruce talks about the mundane, day-to-day aspects of his life that will change when he is living as a woman.

It has previously been reported that Bruce personally chose Diane to conduct the iconic interview because she is a vocal supporter of transgender rights.

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