Bruce Jenner’s Sister ‘Fully Supports’ Sex Change Following Reports It’s Been Postponed After Fatal Crash

Bruce Jenner’s sex change is all but confirmed following yet another message of support from a family member, this time in the form of sister, Pam Mettler.

Speaking about Bruce, the 66-year-old has expressed how much she supports and loves her younger sibling, which comes amidst reports that the 65-year-old is postponing his transition following the fatal four-car crash that he was involved in.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Pam said of the former Olympian: “This is Bruce’s story he will talk about it when he is ready.

“Oh my god, Bruce and I talk all the time. We are all very close. Bruce often comes to visit me here, we are best friends.

“We fully support him.”

The proud sis also opened up about the recent car crash, adding: “We will see what happens with the crash, people are saying a lot of different things.

“I have no idea what actually happened.”

Bruce’s sister’s public statement comes soon after his mother also appeared to confirm that her son was undergoing a much-speculated sex change, revealing that she was more proud of him for addressing his gender battle than she was when he won big at the Olympics.


Despite the love that surrounds Bruce, it is said that his tell-all documentary, which was set to explore the reality star’s transition into a woman, has been postponed indefinitely as police investigate whether or not he was responsible for the death of his neighbour following the car crash earlier this month.

A source told RadarOnline: “There is no timetable for when Bruce will resume filming the docuseries.

“Obviously, it’s not the priority right now, given the severity of the situation that Bruce is facing.

“From a public relations standpoint, it would also be in very poor taste to be filming a reality show after Bruce was involved in the crash.

“Everything in Bruce’s life is on hold right now, and it will likely remain that way until the police investigation is completed.”

At least the star can rely on the support of his family in the meantime, eh?

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