Caitlyn Jenner Facing Family Backlash From Sons And Kardashian Step-Daughters?

After battling with her gender identity for 65 years, you would think that the worse is over for Caitlyn Jenner now that she has finally undergone gender reassignment surgery and revealed her true self to the world.

Unfortunately, it appears that things will be getting worse before they get better, with the former Olympian apparently being at the centre of a pretty huge family feud, with some of her children and step-children reportedly questioning her intentions.


According to a few new sources, despite it all looking peachy in the spotlight, some of Caitlyn’s family members have been far from supportive after she landed her very own docu-series ‘I Am Cait’.

Speaking to RadarOnline, an insider shared: “Caitlyn is so far removed from the person that she was prior to the transition that some of her step-daughters can not even stand to be around her right now.

“She is living for the spotlight now, whereas she always used to hate it.

“It is really making people wonder about her intentions because she does not even acknowledge her past life anymore.”

Yikes. Maybe she is just embracing her time in the limelight now that she is actually comfortable in her own body?

Y’know, just a thought…

It’s not just the Kardashian step-children who have apparently taken issue with Caitlyn’s time in the public eye, with it being speculated that the star is no longer on speaking terms with her son, Brody.

The source continued: “Brody just doesn’t want to be part of the publicity circus.”

Meanwhile, family peacemaker, Kim Kardashian, has taken the time to try and smooth everything over, but Cait is not happy with the negativity surrounding what should be the happiest time in her life.

“Several of her daughter’s reached out to try and soothe over tensions,” the insider explained, “But Caitlyn does not want anything to be remedied.

“She says that she has kept her mouth shut for far too long and she refuses to be silenced anymore.”

You go, girl – don’t let the haters stop you from doing your thang.

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