Caitlyn Jenner Is Given The Simpsons Treatment: ‘We Must Fight This Medieval Prejudice’

Ever since Caitlyn Jenner confirmed that she was transgender back in April, the world has been singing her praises for being such a bloomin’ inspiration and role model to other people within the LGBT community.

Now, the 65 year old appears to have been given the ultimate celebration – she has been turned into an actual Simpsons character…

…But unfortunately, she won’t be appearing in the show any time soon.

Boo, hiss, etc. etc.

In fact, Caitlyn has been given the Simpsons’ treatment by Italian artist and activist, aleXsandro Palombo, who wanted to focus on transgender rights by plonking Caitlyn slap bang in the middle of Springfield.

And that is, of course, Homer’s bed.

Poor Marge, eh?

Despite the rather hilair images that aleXsandro has created, he explained that he chose Caitlyn for this project as he wanted to spark discussion about the marginalisation of the transgender community, sharing: “Nowadays, transgender citizens are still marginalised and forced to live in a very difficult social situation.

“They are victims of prejudice, discrimination, and in many case, criminalised and victims of violence. Despite all of this, the policy of many countries continues to be deaf in front of their rights.

“We must fight this medieval prejudice and intolerance because everyone deserves to live with dignity and lead a life that match their own sexual identity.”

We couldn’t agree more.

And on that note, here’s hoping that Caitlyn nabs a real-life cameo in The Simpsons sometimes soon, yeah?

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