Calum Best Reveals Shocking Details Of His Childhood, How Alcoholic Father Tried To ‘Kiss Him’

Calum Best has been opening up about some of the more difficult times in his childhood, specifically with his father – the late footballer George Best.

Calum has often spoken about the problems he faced with his alcoholic father – who had a liver transplant in 2001 and died in 2005 – but hadn’t spoken about the  specific, and quite frankly harrowing incidents he witnessed as a child.

In a book that’s currently being serialised in The Daily Mail, Calum claims that his father grabbed him by throat and pinned him against the wall, left him alone in a hotel whilst he met with a prostitute, as well as mistaking him for a woman when he was drunk, kissing him in his bed.

All really quite horrible, we’re sure you’d agree.

And after Calum’s mum mistook her husband for a homeless man, she decided to take Calum to the US and raise him alone – eventually winning sole custody after George failed to show up for the court hearing.

Despite the distance, Calum visited his father regularly, and describing one particularly disturbing incident in detail. After falling asleep in his Dad’s bed, waiting for him to arrive home, his father drunkenly mistook him for a woman:

“I am about to start trying to go back to sleep when Dad rolls over, puts his face in front of mine and kisses me: as in, he puts his tongue in my mouth. That kind of kiss.”

“I freeze. What’s going on? I’m old enough to know what a French kiss is. But why is Dad doing it to me?”

Another time, Calum recalled how his father got drunk at the pub and came home to find his son chatting to his new fiancée. George got paranoid and told him,  “You’re not my f***ing son” before throttling him up against the wall, lifting him off his feet.

It’s quite hard to hear all that, really.

In a 2014 BBC documentary about his father’s life, Calum said: “He was there as a footballer; he was there as a legend but as a father he didn’t play a role because my dad wasn’t a f****** good dad,”

“The hardest part was losing my dad and losing my dad in the public eye and my dad being loved by so many but not loving me,” he says.

Well -  we think Calum is amazing for speaking up about all of this, and just hope that he can move on from it all, as best he can.

*sends big hugs*

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