Calvin Harris All But Confirms Taylor Swift Relationship As He Bonds With Her Cats

Yes, yes, we know – Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift‘s budding romance has been doing the rounds on the rumour mill for weeks, but it looks as though Calv isn’t keen to quash those rumours any time soon as he took to his MazSight account to share a pic of Tay’s beloved feline pets, Meredith and olivia Bensen.

Way to be subtly subtle, Calv, we applaud you.

The cutesy pic, simply captioned ‘moment’, came after a series of other snaps posted by the musician that seemed to confirm that he was at the same party as his rumoured lover.

Although he was extra careful not to show Tay in any of the pics, he didn’t hesitate in sharing another ‘moment’ featuring fellow Brit Ellie Goulding and Tay’s BFFs HAIM (the band), all of which took to their own social media accounts throughout the night to post pics with the girl in question.

We mean, you don’t exactly have to be Sherlock to put two and two together…

Whispers of a ‘Talvin’ (Caylor?!) relationship first surfaced back in March, with it being reported that Taylor took a liking to the star after meeting him at the BRIT awards and although they’ve been spotted leaving gigs together and even *gasp* holding hands, neither of them have publicly commented on the speculation.

More recently some sneaky sources and ominous insiders came forward to claim that their budding romance had already been cut short thanks to Calvin’s severe allergy to Taylor’s cats.

Sources suggested that Calv had downright refused to ever stay the night at Tay’s house after her insistence on letting her kitties sleep on her bed made his allergies seriously flare up, with it being suggested that Calv had given the 25 year old an actual ultimatum.

However, judging by Calvin’s recent social media activity, we’re going to go ahead and assume that this particular insider might have been telling porkies…

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