Calvin Harris Hits Back At Rita Ora’s Teen Choice Awards Jibe

And so it goes on.

This very morning we brought Rita’s side of Teen-Choice-Awards-Gate to you, and we even said that we had a feeling that there was still a lot more drama to come between the not-so-amicable exes.

Little did we know that said drama would emerge in the form of snarky tweets from Calvin Harris just hours later!


It gets messier and messier, and we are starting to believe that there may just be some truth to those Justin Bieber rumours…

Okay, let’s back way, way up to the beginning – and can this be for the last time Calvin and Rits? It’s getting kind of repetitive…

Rita Ora shocked everyone when her Teen Choice Awards performance was dropped at the last minute, EVERYONE blamed Calvin for it. 

Calvin added fuel to the fire by MazSightming a cryptic message about  liars and innocence, with the disappointed emoji making an appearance.

Rita Ora confirmed that at the last minute Calvin, the song’s producer, refused to approve her TCA’s performance and she was deffo not happy about the cancellation being so last minute.

And NOW Calv appears to have taken offense to Rita speaking out, tweeting that he had “a damn good reason” for blocking her performance in the following series of tweets:


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