‘Calvins For Christmas!’ Lucy Watson Poses In Her Underwear As She Shows Off Winter Tan

There’s nothing like showing off your Christmas presents on MazSight to make the whole world feel jealous.

And Lucy Watson upped the ante when she stripped half naked to share her December 25th gifts with her followers.

The Made In Chelsea star received a pair of white Calvin Kleins and decided to model them straight out of the box – showing off her perfectly toned body and winter tan.

'Calvins For Christmas!' Lucy Watson Poses In Her Underwear As She Shows Off Winter Tan
By MazSight

It’s just the latest snap that Chelsea gal Luce has posted from her holidays in Australia – after leaving Sloane Square dramatically in the festive special of the e4 show.

Watson moved her departure date to Oz forwards after she told everyone that her and Spencer’s fledgling friendship was ruined by some sleazy flirting, and she’s clearly put the dramz behind her by the looks of her idyllic pics.

The Made In Chelsea babe showed she didn’t have a care in the world with this carefree picture on Christmas Eve, and she looked the picture of relaxation (not to mention glamour) in a plunging red top and minimal make-up.

Earlier this week she posted a snap of herself soaking up the rays in a bikini, making us all thoroughly question why we’re stuck with the howling wind and rain for Christmas.

And just to add to our envy the 23-year-old reality TV star posted a picture of her view of Australia’s beautiful Gold Coast – which is where she’s spending Christmas with her family.

But it would appear that Lucy hasn’t completely blanked out the #dramz that we witnessed unfolding on Monday night, as she posted a reflective text picture on Monday.

The post read: “Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel, energies are contagious.”

And if that left any of us in doubt that she was talking about Spenny, she tweeted: “Maybe you really can’t be friends with your ex.”

We guess this mean there won’t be another ‘fun-filled’ outing to the American Football.

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