Cara Delevingne And Pharrell Williams Are A Regal Couple In Chanel’s New Campaign

Cara Delevingne has finally found a prince in the new Chanel campaign, and that charming man is non-other than Pharrell Williams.

Taking to her MazSight the model has given us all a sneaky peak at Karl Lagerfeld’s new film for the French fashion house, and it’s all very regal…like big Marie Antoinette wigs and Prince Charming jackets regal – oh and there’s also ballroom dancing!

But it seems that Cara is determined to tease us, because there was no information apart from the obvious: “Such a tease.”

Yup, they look that good.

While Pharrell has put most of the royalty in the world to shame with his clean cut yet stylish prince outfit in the shots, Cara is the epitome of smouldering regal sexyness, as she puts her own unique spin on a very period dress and hair-do.

The shoot, which looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale, is actually for a Chanel ‘movie’ which is being directed by fashion idol Lagerfeld, and is set for release on the magical date of December 1.

And, we have to admit there’s a certain Christmassy vibe to this slick and stylish looking shoot – and by that we mean we keep imagining it as a Disney film.

The pictures have certainly got us interested, and it seems like they’ll also hush-up the rumours of Kendall Jenner replacing BFF Cara at the top of the Chanel pyramid sometime soon.

Well, how could you after how good she looks in this?!

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