Cara Delevingne And Suki Waterhouse Got Thrown Out Of A Strip Club For ‘Terrorising Dancers’

They may be known for being total hotties who can strut their stuff on a catwalk and pout up a storm in front of the cameras, but Cara Delevingne and Suki Waterhouse have admitted that they have a bit of a cray cray side – especially when strippers get involved.

Recalling the time that they went out in Vegas to celebrate BFF georgia May Jagger’s 22nd birthday last January, the two babes revealed that they got chucked out of a strip club for getting a bit too, erm, personal with the dancers.

Whatever happened to what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, eh?

The trio have spoke out about the night for the first time in a new interview with British Vogue, with Georgia explaining: “We stayed in a room with a bowling alley, we went to see Celine Dion, we bumped into Tyra Banks…”

Ooft, how very la-de-da.

The publication then added: “Suki and Cara then relate how they terrorised the Chippendales during their stage act – something involving, they giggle, a banana and Cara trying to give them a wedgie.

“They got thrown out.”


Mostly about the banana, to be honest.

Unfortunately, the girls didn’t go into any more detail, instead opting to share how much they love having sleepovers at one another’s houses.

Georgia dished: “We’re going to do face masks, we’re going to watch movies, we’re going to catch up.”

Cara added: “Georgia and I are insomniacs. Suki falls asleep then she wakes up in the night and goes to the fridge.”

Sounds like fun – next time you have a supermodel sleepover feel free to send us an invite, yeah girls?

That way we can really get to the bottom of what happened with that Chippendale and the banana…

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