Cara Delevingne Confirms Plans For Singing Career, We Take A Look Back At Other Models-Turned-Singers

She really does want her finger in every pie, doesn’t she?

Cara Delevingne sent fans into a frenzy earlier when she shared the above singing picture on MazSight alongside the caption: “It’s only the beginning…❤️”.

As if being one of the most in-demand models in the world, being BFFs with every Tom, Dick, and Harry, and apparently being in talks with Ben Stiller to take on the lead female role in Zoolander 2, it appears that the 22-year-old has also confirmed plans to embark on a singing career.

This isn’t really a surprise from the owner of the best brows in the business, as she has previously discussed her desire to sing and has already posted a video of her singing with her friend, Will Heard.

Although she was mostly limited to dreamy “ooohs”, she pulled them off just great, didn’t she?

It’s a yes from us.

Anyways, Cara’s new venture got us reminiscing about models of yesteryear who have also dabbled in the singing malarkey and as far as track records go… It’s not looking like a promising transition.

But who knows? Perhaps Miss. Delevingne will change the age-old tradition of top models making, ahem, less-than-top quality songs.

Here are our fave 5 model-to-singer attempts, with an extra special bonus at the end:

1. Twiggy

Yes, you read right, even one of the most iconic and inspirational fashion models in history tried her hand at singing once upon a time, and it was slightly awkward to say the least. Seemingly bored of merely looking stunning and making women everywhere jealous, Twiggy retired in 1970 and she released two albums 1976, which peaked at No. 33 in the UK charts. At least she gave it a go though, right?

2. Tyra Banks

Of COURSE Tyra Banks has tried her hand at singing – she tries to do everything. After being somewhat booted out of the limelight by Naomi Campbell, Tyra made a name for herself as the host of America’s Next Top Model and in 2004 she released the single ‘Shake Ya Body’, featuring contestants from the show. Embarrassingly, the song didn’t even chart and Tyra has since admitted that trying to get into music was “a mistake”. Although to be honest, with that much autotune we can’t really be sure if it was Tyra after all…

3. Heidi Klum 

To be fair to Heidi Klum, she recorded the song for a German advert and all of the proceeds did go to charity. It wasn’t quite an attempt to become a popstar, but still a little bit on the embarrassing side when you consider the cheesy nature of the Christmassy lyrics. Still props to her for managing to sing them all with a straight face!

4. Naomi Campbell

Ohhh yes, before Naomi Campbell became truly renowned as the stony-faced diva that she is today, she took a brief break in her career as a supermodel to record an album and release a song in 1994. For some TOTALLY UNKNOWN reason, Naomi’s single ‘Love and Tears’ only reached number 40 and her album, Baby Woman, didn’t even break the top 75. Awkward much? 

5. Kate Moss

Well as it happens Kate Moss is *quite* the musician and even played the tambourine for the Oasis album Be Here Now. So multi-talented, right? Kate actually did end up graduating from the instrument and lending her vocals to a variety of bands, appearing on the 2003 version of Primal Scream’s ‘Some Velvet Morning’, the Babyshambles track ‘La Belle Et La Bete’, and The Lemonheads ‘You’re A Dirty Robot’. Admittedly you can’t really hear her over the music, but doesn’t she look chic?

And finally, as a special bonus, Katie Price:

She isn’t *quite* in the same league as the other models listed, but we can never resist an opportunity to bring back these absolute classics from when the glamour model tried to forge a pop career of her own. No doubt following the inspiration of her then-partner Peter Andre, ahh remember those two? Back in the good old days?

We have no idea why it didn’t take off.

She is definitely, 100% not lip-syncing. At all.

Can’t. Cope. Too. Much. Cheese. Feel. Sick. VOM.

So Cara might just find it harder to transition into being a fully fledged popstar than she thinks, but to be fair, at least she doesn’t have too high a standard of predecessors to compete with. 

Whether it is going to be good or bad, we can’t wait to hear what she comes out with.

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