Cara Delevingne Posts Bikini-Clad Video And Gives Us Serious Holiday Envy

It’s just not fair! 

As if it isn’t enough that Cara Delevingne is absolutely gorge, has the best eyebrows in the world (yes world) and is besties with super cool people such as Jordan Dunn and Harry Styles, she has had to make us mega jel by posting a video that not only shows off her smoking hot bikini-clad body but also gives us some serious holiday envy.

As if to rub salt in the wound and prolong our jealousy, Cara even slow-mo’ed the footage so that we can take in every single ray of sunshine, and observe just how blue that ocean is. Ugh.

Posting the video to her MazSight page, Cara wrote: “Missing you like a crazy person @christabel_rose #bali #CANNONBALL”

From this we can put on our ‘proper journalist’ hats on and deduce the following things:


1. This sun-drenched haven with the bluest of oceans is in Bali (Indonesia)
2. The second bikini-clad babe in the vid is Cara’s BFF Christabel
3. “MISSING YOU”?! IS THIS A THROWBACK?! Although Cara was frolicking in the sunshine at some point, maybe right now she is in a grey, rainy country just like us.

Well that’s what we’re going to believe anyway.

Phew, that investigating has worn us out – we’re off to book the next flight to Bali!

[ Cara hits back at snooze jibes ] 

[ Cara gropes photographer's crotch ] 

Jolene Creighton

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