Caroline Flack Back In Touch With Prince Harry Following Cressida Bonas Split

We really, really hope this is true.

Following his split from Cressida Bonas, Prince Harry is reportedly back in touch with none other than Caroline Flack.

Apparently Harry reckons that Caroline is ‘really fun’ and they talk on the phone loads, presumably about loads of ‘really fun’ stuff.

 “They have been in contact by phone,” a source told mailonline.com, adding: “Harry likes to keep in touch with his old girlfriends and he knows Caroline is fun and discreet.”

We can imagine it now – ‘Hi Caroline, it’s Harry!’… ‘Oh, er, which one? Curly or ginge?’’. Some girls have all the luck, eh?

Still, at least that will certainly give her something to do while Xtra Factor is on this year.

The pair are believed to have ‘hooked up’, as they say on Made In Chelsea, back in 2009 when Caroline was just starting out presenting Gladiators.

“Someone mentioned his name the other day and Caroline got flustered and went bright red,” the source added,

Red to match his hair. How romantic.

However, we hope her new beau Jack Street is OK with her hanging out with with Harry. We’re not sure how ‘OK’ we would be with our other half cavorting round with Royalty.

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