Caroline Flack’s Birthday: Her Most Fun Instagram Pics

She leads a pretty fun life.

And Caroline Flack’s happy to share the fun with the rest of us via social media, whether she’s doing karaoke in fancy dress or going to a festival in fancy dress or erm just loving fancy dress.

As Caroline celebrates her 35th birthday today, we’re celebrating with her most fun MazSight pics.

1. Carnival fun


There’s nowt much more fun than Notting Hill Carnival. Caz Flack and her buds made it even more fun by donning fancy dress for the street party this year.

I spy with my little eye Jack Whitehall, Laura Whitmore and Gemma Chan. Fun bunch.

2. Festival fun

“TBT to last years latitude when we never took these off for the WHOLE WEEKEND”

The Flack certainly loves a fancy dress op. This summer she shared this Throwback Thursday shot of the previous year’s Latitude Festival.

Hiding under those wigs are Gizzi Erskine and Dawn O’Porter too.

3. Football fun

“I’m SO good at football my foot fell off”

What could be more fun than a bit of keep uppy? Keep uppy in heels, natch.

Caz showed off her ball skills (*sniggers*) in front of the Emirates Stadium sign. Could Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger come knocking on her door with a contract in hand?

4. Strictly fun

“Time to tango…. OH GOD”

Dancing live every Saturday on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ most be SO FUN. Yet so terrifying.

So how does Caroline calm those pre-show nerves? By sticking out her tongue, of course! She got her pro partner Pasha in on the action too.

5. Foolish fun


Wearing your underwear over your clothes and pulling a face is fun, no matter how old you are.

Keep sharing the fun photos Caroline, and we’ll keep envying your lifestyle. 


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