Casey Batchelor, Her Bikini And Some Truly Ridiculous Photographs

Jaws are dropping throughout the Yahoo Celeb office this afternoon:

Casey Batchelor has done some outrageous posing to perk up your Monday.

Yep, while we’ve all been hunched over our desks pondering the authenticity of the three-day hangover Casey has been looking ludicrous in Ibiza.

We think these bikini snaps are supposed to look totes natural however, we just can’t even pretend that they do.
Plus, her boobs are officially out of control.

Or is it rather that she is wearing a child’s swimwear? Whatever it is, these snaps have had us seriously gawping all morning.

We still really want to know who she was on the phone too…. Probably the paparazzi to ensure he got just the right angle…

Part one: Casey Batchelor and a very important phone call:

[Casey Batchelor does EVEN MORE excellent poolside posing on holiday]

[Did Lee Ryan kiss Casey Batchelor at the BB wrap party? VOM]

Jason Weisberger

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