CBB: Stephanie Pratt Plonks George Gilbey Right Into The ‘Friend Zone’

Just a tad awkward, then.

Celebrity Big Brother’s Stephanie Pratt has crushed the aspirations of pretty much every Essex man, after she revelaed that her ‘romance’ with Gogglebox’s George Gilbey was anything but.

Oh dear – soz George.

After getting evicted from the showbiz dungeon alongside Kellie Maloney last night, the ex-Made In Chelsea and The Hills star promptly shoved romantic hopeful George RIGHT into the friend-zone.

“I love George as a friend, a very very dear friend.”

Oh god, the words no man ever wants to hear.

When quizzed about whether or not she thought her chatty, tellybox-watching mate might REALLY like her, she was quick to dismiss it.

A classic ‘friend-zone’ technique – resolutely refusing to entertain the prospect of ANY romance whatsoever.

She told the lovely Emma, “I really don’t think so. We were talking about it. I just don’t look at him like that. He’s already said if I dated a mean guy he’d beat him up.”

Errr… we think that means he DEFO likes you Stephanie, and you know it.

The pair had ended up getting EXTRA close this week, after George was made to become Stephanie’s personal servant – carrying her everywhere and being by her side all day.

Bet he just HATED that, right?

Still, all is not lost for the lovely George.  White Dee’s still in there, isn’t she?

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