Celebrity Audition Tapes: Watch 'Game Of Thrones' Star Jason Mamoa As Khal Drogo And 13 Other Hollywood Audition Videos

Celebrity Audition Tapes: Watch 'Game Of Thrones' Star Jason Mamoa As Khal Drogo And 13 Other Hollywood Audition Videos Jason Momoa proved why the “game of Thrones” role of Khal Drogo was made for him through his frighteningly good audition tape.  Reuters

Oh my sun and stars! Jason Momoa, who is best known for his one season stint on the HBO series “Games of Thrones” as Khal Drogo, proved just why he deserved the role of the fierce Dothraki lord when his “GoT” audition tape made its way onto YouTube in 2012. Although it’s been nearly three years since the video has been uploaded, it’s still an exciting 35-second clip to watch as Momoa pulled out all the stops to demonstrate why he was born to play the fearsome warlord.

For those who have never seen the hidden gem of a video, you may want to turn your volume down just a bit — and enjoy!

In the audition tape, viewers can see Momoa aggressively chanting and slapping his thighs and forearms in an intimidating fashion. So, what exactly is the actor doing? According to reports, Momoa was showcasing his Dothraki passion through a traditional Maori dance called the haka.

The haka is a traditional ancestral war cry/dance of challenge derived from the Maori people of New Zealand. It’s a routine (performed by a group) for multiple reasons, from welcoming guests to acknowledging great achievements (like when the New Zealand rugby team won in the Sevens tournament in Hong Kong). But the haka was originally created by warriors to proclaim their strength before battle with the hopes of frightening opponents — and in Momoa’s case, frightening other actors from auditioning for the role he so dearly coveted.

The Hawaiian actor, who confessed his love for the Polynesian culture of Maori, explained the reason he chose to perform the haka in his audition was because he thought it embodied the warrior mentality of the Dothraki in a very real way. “It’s very, very powerful, and I wanted to capture that,” he said to a New Zealand website. “I just thought it was apt for the role because it’s beautiful and scary.”

But Momoa isn’t the only celebrity to blow us away with his audition tape. Check out the 13 best celebrity audition tapes below from Rachel McAdams trying out for the role of Allie in “The Notebook” to Jimmy Fallon’s hysterical “Saturday Night Live” audition:

1. Rachel McAdams, “The Notebook”

2. Rose Byrne, “Get Him to the Greek”

3. Lea Michele, “Glee”

4. Steve Carell, “Anchor Man”

5. Emma Stone, “Easy A”

6. Ed Westwick, “Gossip Girl”

6. Russell Brand, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”

7. Jimmy Fallon, “Saturday Night Live”

8. Kaitlin Olsen, “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”

9. Cast from “The Office” (Including those who didn’t get the part.)

10. Selena Gomez, “Wizards of Waverly Place”

11. Chris Colfer, “Glee”

12. Kristen Bell, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”

13. Miley Cyrus, “Hannah Montana”

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