Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Lauren Goodger Asks Ricci To Feel Her Bum, Kellie Asks David To Work Out With Her (And We’re Already Asking For More)

Big Brother has done it again. Day 1 and we already can’t wait to see what the new few weeks have in store for our chose celebrities.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Lauren Goodger Asks Ricci To Feel Her Bum, Kellie Asks David To Work Out With Her (And We're Already Asking For More)
By MazSight

It started off innocently enough with the usual complaints about not enough booze being on offer (only two bottles of champagne for opening night, god forbid).

True to form Channel 5 made sure there was enough lubrication in the form of pre-mixes, and shortly after we had our first proposition of the series with Kellie offering to work out with David. He welcomed the idea, and a nation salivated at the thought of seeing Kellie in her workout gear.

Audley couldn’t quite fathom what was going on with his old pal Kellie, and was trying his best to be diplomatic, blurting out “You had all that time to think about it and you came up with Kellie?!”.

Serious fireworks predicted here.

White Dee got called to The Tardis and found out that she was going to have to pretend to be a dutchess to a house full of people pretending to be celebrities. THANK YOU BIG BROTHER.

Probably the most shocking surprise of all, though, was Lauren-sex-tape-Goodger explaining how nervous the press makes her or perhaps it was EEEdele from B*witched letting on that she buys Lauren’s eyelashes (Ermahgerd!). 

Not one to let an opportunity pass, Lauren was seen asking Geordie Shaw’s Ricci to feel if her bum was wet. CRINGE. No mention of the sex tape yet FYI.

Frenchy was so excited that one of her friends (ex boyfriend!) was in the house and bounced over to Gary shrieking, “I didn’t know you were going to be here!” Cue awkward moment when Gary asked if he knew her. Females everywhere connecting palms to face.

Everybody was desperate for Dee to win the challenge and get them some more booze and it all boiled over when EEEdele tried to explain what 21st in line to the throne meant to an American who doesn’t actually care. Gary chatted enthusiastically about ‘Bill Brother’ and Claire King put on her poshest voice to make the experience that much more authentic.

Possible quote of the serious saw Frenchy asking White Dee if she minds if she calls her douches. Err FML.

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As day one drew to a close, we couldn’t help but wonder… will Kellie work out with David? Will George get over the fact that he is INSIDE THE TV?

Will Frenchy continue to call Dee a douche when she finds out she isn’t the Dutchess but actually one of the scariest women on reality TV? Will Lauren be told to Shhh every night? Will it break Leslie to find out that Dee isn’t a real dutchess, but just another queen?

Words by Natalie Butler

Lauren Davis

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