Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Who Is Angelique ‘Frenchy’ Morgan?

There’s always one. 

Who would have thought that White Dee from Benefits Street and George from Gogglebox wouldn’t be the least famous ‘celebrities’ in the Celebrity Big Brother house?

This year’s proof that Channel 5 use the ‘C’ word very lightly, it was Angelique ‘Frenchy’ Morgan who had the entire viewing audience doing their finest Nikki Grahame impression:

All that we could really gather from Frenchy’s VT was that she had more than a passing resemblance to fashion hotshot Donatella Versace, she will most probably get naked in the house, and that fake-sounding French accent?

Well, apparently it’s real considering she was born and raised in France.


So we have done some investigating to find out who exactly Angelique ‘Frenchy’ Morgan is, and why she’s worthy of a place in the CBB house. 

(That awkward moment when Zoe Birkett from Pop Idol isn’t famous enough to graduate from the civilian household but this woman is, lolz.)

10 Exciting Facts Under This Great Snap:

1. As mentioned, Frenchy was raised in paris – thus her very original nickname.

2. She used to appear on Playboy TV but has since moved on to much higher end shows such as Rock of Love, Charm School and, our personal favourite, I Love Money.

3. Perhaps most surprisingly, party girl Frenchy doesn’t drink alcohol – appaz she doesn’t need it to have fun, which is fair enough, but we were expecting her to be the one doing drunken naked laps of the garden and trying to get off with Ricci from Geordie Shore.

Maybe we will have to leave that to Lauren then. 

4. We may not have heard of her, but she does have 114,000 followers on Twitter. NOT ONLY THAT, her followers include both Ellen DeGeneres and US President Barack Obama!

Who knew that Obamz was a fan of trashy reality TV?

5. Frenchy’s Instagram has enough selfies to give Lauren Goodger a run for her money, and she loves to show off her body. Specifically her boobs and bum.

6. Showing off her boobs and bum is nothing though, Frenchy has also appeared in *ahem* adult films and used to be a stripper. Oh and on that note, we strongly advise you against putting her name in google image with safe search switched off.

There are images there that you can not unsee. 


7. She is obsessed with pink, only wears pink, only drives pink, only paints her nails pink… Basically she is the pink Queen because she thinks that she is a real life Barbie doll. 

8. Frenchy does have a massive soft side though and is a vegeterian and animal rights activisit. Kind of like last year’s CBB housemate Courtney Stodden, who actually did look a bit like a Barbie doll.

9. As much as Frenchy LOVES getting to know her fans (she said it, not us) she does find life in the spotlight (again, she said it) tiresome when she is CONSTANTLY bombarded by them, saying: “You can kind of hate fame because you’re like ‘can you leave me alone for like, five minutes, I’m on vacation!”


Sounds like a Frenchy inspired version of Eminem’s ‘Way I Am’ is on the horizon.

Oh, the perils of fame. 

10. Frenchy will apparently be quite a chilled out housemate because she doesn’t get involved in drama. 

Lovely! Celebrity Big Brother’s Winston perhaps? Or maybe even Ash?

Oh, hold on, she doesn’t get involved in it because she’s “all about the sex”. 


Right, after some careful consideration we have concluded that Frenchy is going to make a bloomin’ amazing housemate.

If Channel 5 bosses think that she qualifies as a celebrity then a celebrity she will be!

After all, it is normally the totally unknown American ‘celebs’ who end up making the best TV…

… Unless of course you are Lee Ryan, in which case you just steal the entire show by being the relatively famous idiot that you are. 

Good on ya for getting in there, Frenchy – we’re rooting for you!

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