Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Alex Reid Wishes Ex Katie Price Luck In BIZARRE Video

Katie Price’s ex-husband, Alex Reid, was quick to tweet the former glamour model luck as she entered the Celebrity Big Brother house last night.

However, one thing that we most definitely weren’t expecting from the ex cage fighter is a bizarre video message to his ex-wife, where he offers the Pricey some reality show advice and invites her to his next engagement party.


Speaking to Now magazine in the strange three and a half minute vid, Alex, who won Celebrity Big Brother back in 2010, says: “Five years ago, just before we got married, I went into the Big Brother house and won the thing.

“If I know the Katie I remember, then you’re definitely going to go in and try and win this thing as well.

“From the heart, I really wish you well, in fact, I’ll even extend a peace offering and invite you to my engagement party with my new fiancée, yeah?

“You can be a super bitch, I have suffered your wrath, and that’s going to be exciting. Show a little bit of that, but let’s keep it under wraps if you can.”

Things then get even more odd, as the 39-year-old flips a coin to ask “which Katie” will be going into the house, before describing the differences between the “girl he fell in love with” and “Lady J”, rambling: “The Katie I fell in love with, she was fun, she was nice, she’s what people don’t see.

“If people see that Katie, it’s great – If people see the real you it will be fabulous because there’s a good person in there.

“But if we get Lady J… Lady J is fun, but we have to reign it in a little bit sometimes because with that fun comes car crash, so take a deep breath and remember to be Katie Price, not Jordan.”

Alex then goes on to give the new housemate some words of advice about living in the CBB house: “What shall I say bout you having a drink? Well, I actually loved it when Lady J came out, she was fun and the public will find her fun.

“I’m not worried about you mucking about with anyone else in there, I see how serious you are with your new husband.

“I’m still haunted by some horrible pictures of me being naked when I was asleep, and you can see a bit of a** crack, so bring your sexiest underwear so when the cameras are on you, you don’t see your bum.

“When they bring the wine out at night, drink as much as you can because I can’t wait to watch it.”

He then gets a bit emosh and sentimental as he concludes his speech with: “I really did love you, and I’ll always have a fondness in my heart for you.

“I’m genuinely happy that you sorted it out with Kieran. I remember when we had been out partying all night and being in bed, absolutely exhausted and weirdly those are my fondest memories with you.”

“I don’t know how you’re going to be able to show that in our house, I wonder how you can show that as they’re the most special moments I had.

“We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs and I want to put that behind us and genuinely, from the heart, I want to wish you well. You can actually do this.”

Erm, well… You can’t deny it was from the heart, can you?

Katie Price entered the famous house last night, so will unfortunately have to wait until she’s done and dusted with her Big Brother experience before she can see the vid and hear her ex-husband’s pearls of wisdom.

Fingers crossed she thought ahead and packed some knickers anyways, eh?

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