Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Alexander In Trouble After Homophobic Row With Perez

As each day passes, tempers continue to flare in the Celebrity Big Brother house. However, on Friday, things got a little bit TOO heated between the shy and retiring Perez Hilton and the ‘Critcize’ singer Alexander O’Neal – when the latter branded Perez a ‘f**got’ during a row.

Yikes. Not cool, Alex – NOT COOL.

So what went down? Well, Perez was being his usual calm and composed self (HA!) all day, and was following Alexander around the house and blowing kisses at him.

Oh, and doing that weird stare thing that he does too.

Anyway, you could say that ‘The Queen Of All Media’ (as he sometimes likes to be known) was antagonising Alexander – and this is when the singer ‘saw red’.

He said: “I know what you want but you’re not going to get it. You’re going to sit there with that silly ass f**got look on your face.”

Obviously, Perez didn’t take too kindly to this, and Big Brother ended up issuing Alexander with a formal warning over inappropriate language.

However, despite using language that’s a bit ‘hmm-maybe-you-shouldn’t-say-stuff-like-that-on-national-television-or-like-ever’, the housemates were all very much ‘Team Alexander’.

Katie Hopkins, who, as we all know, HATES getting involved in a barney – leapt to Alex’s defence, saying “no-one messes with the big guy” that she’d bang saucepans over Perez’s head to keep him up all night.

Not being funny Katie, but wouldn’t your arms start to hurt after a while?

She also launched into a bit of a ‘tirade’ at Perez, saying: “You are the most pathetic individual I have ever seen, or met, or heard of, or been obliged to spend time with in my life. You, and the people who speak to you, make me sick.”

Meanwhile, nice guy Keith gave up pretending not to have an opinion on the whole thing. Commenting on the bust-up later on, the Channel 5 nudity apologist said, “I thought it was totally unnecessary and he can f**k off, as far as I’m concerned.”

And when Perez tried to explain himself, poor old Keith was having none of it, telling him: “I don’t want to hear your opinion. I don’t want to hear what you’re up to. You can go away and just leave me alone.”

Blimey Cheggers.

Anyhoo, Perez has threatened to leave the house and get his lawyers involved, which we’ll believe when we see it, to be honest.

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