Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Alexander O’Neal QUITS The Show!

Is it us, or is this the most ridiculous drama-filled series of Celebrity Big Brother like, ever? We’ve had inappropriate boob-reveals, allegations of sexual harassment, racism, homophobia, BANANA-GATE and now THIS?!

Channel 5 has confirmed that Alexander O’Neal has left the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Yep, he’s the FOURTH housemate to leave the show, and the THIRD to leave ‘through the back door’, as it were.

There won’t be anyone left in that friggin’ house by Monday, at this rate!

And if you’d like to know why – then sorry folks, you’re out of luck.

In a statement issued to Yahoo! Celebrity UK earlier this morning, the team behind the show kept schtum on the whole affair,  simply saying that ‘Alexander O’Neal has chosen to leave the Celebrity Big Brother House’.

Yep, nothing else. Not a sausage.

Well, it certainly looks like he left of his own accord, we know that much at least. The ‘Criticize’ singer has been saying that he wanted to go home for ages, and after getting a ticking off from Big Brother on Friday over homophobic language, perhaps he just thought ‘Screw you, losers’.

Alexander also had a massive barney with wallflower of the house Perez Hilton this week, so perhaps – JUST PERHAPS – that might have had something to do with all of it.

We’ll of course leave it up to you to have a little ponder as to WHY Alex might have decided to flee the plush confines of the notorious Elstree enclave, but be sure to tune in tonight and tomorrow for more information on this whole sorry business.

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