Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Alicia Douvall Becomes The Second Person To Be Evicted And Feels ‘Let Down’ By Katie Price

Well last night’s live eviction on Celebrity Big Brother was hardly much of a surprise, was it? Pork offcut enthusiast Alicia Douvall became the second housemate to be evicted, receiving the fewest votes from the public.

Surprisingly, Nadia received the most votes (that ‘Loose Women’ demographic certainly aren’t afraid to pick up the phone) followed by Calum Best and then Perez Hilton.

The 35-year-old mother of two wasn’t exactly surprised to have left. Speaking to host Emma Willis after she left the house,  Alicia admitted that: “There were a lot of big names, so I was expecting to go.”

“Perez is entertaining, so I’m not surprised by that. My relationship with Katie Hopkins would’ve influenced Michelle’s vote, while Calum and I had problems from day one.”

Oh, hun.

But speaking at a press conference earlier this morning, Alicia revealed how she felt let down by Katie Price, who had opted to save Katie Hopkins (and not Alicia) from facing the public vote over her – and she was NOT happy about it, revealing that her and The Pricey were rivals from day one:

“I felt let down by Katie, even though we managed to settle our differences in the house. She’s a clever girl – keeping me up for eviction was a strategic move.”

“I think she got rid of me because we were rivals, and there were a few cracks in our relationship. I don’t think she was confident about her body after having her child, so she might have made subtle digs about my body, and was trying to make sure I wasn’t showcasing mine.”


But even though she felt let down by The Artist Formerly Known As Jordan, Alicia maintains that the pair will stay friends: “She was a breath of fresh air in the house. She talked to everyone.  I’ll stay round her house, and I’m invited to her Wedding vow ceremony, so we’ll see”.

Alicia, who revealed that she’d only learnt her shapes until quite recently, also shed some light on her fractious relationships with Katie Hopkins and Cami Li, revealing that The Hopkins IGNORED her when she opened up about her dyslexia:

“I actually told Katie that I was diagnosed dyslexic, so it was hurtful that after I’d told her this, she didn’t factor it in with her criticisms of me– making the things she was saying quite below the belt. I feel like she sees weaknesses and exploits them, and that came as quite a shock”

We can imagine, babe. But whilst Katie and Alicia tended to just snap at each other, Alicia confessed that she actually FEARED for her safety with Cami in the house – stating that tattooed model ‘changed’ when she drank:

“Katie and me – our views just clashed. But when Cami drinks, she changes. She would get threatening when drunk: pointing and shouting and so on, so I did fear for my safety on one occasion and thought ‘I need to step away from this’.”

Yet despite the grief she endured during her stay, Alicia seems to remain largely positive about the whole thing:

“I got strength from going in the house – it’s an amazing experience. I found my voice and my power. I had to stand up to bullies, and found friendships”

Well that’s something positive to gain, eh Alicia?

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