Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Alicia Douvall Didn’t Know Her Alphabet Or Shapes Until Recently

Alicia Douvall is fast becoming one of the most fascinating Celebrity Big Brother housemates ever, which says a lot considering she is up again Katie Price’s rather, erm, graphic Alex Reid stories, and last night’s episode saw no end to her surprises.

After having yet another rant about Calum Best nominating her (let it die, ‘licia) the mum of two sat down for a full on chinwag with Katie Hopkins and co. and explained that she loves home schooling her three-year-old daughter, Papaya, because she can learn with her.

Learn what exactly? The names of every character to grace the screen in Peppa Pig? All the words to the theme tune of kid’s TV shows? Actually… No, Papaya has helped her mummy learn all of her shapes and the alphabet.

We are at a little bit of a loss for words with this one.

The 35-year-old went on to tell her shocked housemates: “When I teach her, I learn with her.

“I didn’t know what an octagon was until I taught her.”

The former glamour model then added that she didn’t know the alphabet song until recently, concluding with: “I’m not bored as a teacher because I don’t know anything myself.”

A bemused Katie Hopkins obviously wasn’t able to let the surprising revelation pass her by without a comment or two and asked Alicia: “So when did you learn your alphabet? You only learned it in the last year?”

Alicia replied: “Well, I’ve been singing it to her since she was born…”

Before Katie interjected with: “So you’ve only learned your alphabet sometime in the last three years? Right, okay.”

Ooft, when the rent-a-gob puts it like that…

Meanwhile, Alicia was left a little peeved, yet again, during last night’s live nominations twist, which saw Katie Price save Ms. Hopkins from eviction because she “doesn’t want to go home.”

Not the best choice of reasons, as the Pricey no doubt spent the rest of the night with Alicia bleating on in her ear about how she doesn’t want to go home either, which, to be fair, is a sentiment that we massively echo.

Don’t worry, Alicia, here’s hoping that the public will save you and you’ll be in the house for the long run – something tells us that we’ve only scratched the surface of the absolutely fascinating tales that you have to tell.

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